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January 2018

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Bavarians Crack Whips To Scare Away
Winter in Annual Tradition

An old Bavarian tradition to drive away winter is alive and well in the village of Abtsdorf. Teams of nine men dressed in full lederhosen take turns cracking traditional whips called 'goassl' for Aperschnalzen in a bid to chase away winter and awaken the spring. The custom can be traced back to the early 1800s and is still practised today. Daily Motion

Bullwhip World Records
The 2018 Los Angeles Whip Convention

"The 2018 Los Angeles Whip Cracking Convention was such a great way to start off the new year of 2018. Thank you Adam Winrich for making this thing possible every year!" Video by Nick Schrader of Nick's Whip Shop

Nick Schrader's Whipcast

In this episode of WhipCast, Nick sits down with his good friend Blake Bruning of the Trinity Whip Company for a fun, in depth discussion about whip making. Blake makes some absolutely beautiful kangaroo hide bullwhips, so definitely check out his website,! Also, check out Blake's youtube channel for some great kangaroo hide bullwhip making tutorials.

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Anatomy of a Whip Crack = 761mph = 1100fps = Mach One = 1224km/h = 340m/s


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