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February 2017
Whip Crack = Sound Barrier = 761 mph
= 1100ft/sec = Mach One

"So glad to have Robert Dante and Sylvia Rosat's book for sale on our website!"

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"Lots of great ideas for performances and routines, as well as whip safety, maintenance, technique, and much much more."
Kyle Petersen, owner of Western Stage Props

"I don't care how much you *think* you know about whip cracking, this book will make you better."
Lewis Pillsworth, award-winning bullwhip performer

Reviews for the first edition:

"Very practical advice and illustrations to help you understand..."

"We purchased this book to aid (my son) in learning both the basic and advanced skills. He has learned so much about whip dynamics and has spent many hours reading and learning."

"There are not many books out there that can actually help you improve on whip cracking and this is one of the best!"

"I recommend this to my customers!"

"This is a good, useful book for anyone who is interested in whip cracking."

"Let's Get Cracking" is also on sale at:

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Congratulations to Adam Winrich,
who set a new record of 646 cracks/min
with two whips

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"Fast is fine, but accuracy is forever."
Wyatt Earp

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